Cookie Enrobing Lines

MF hamburg Enrobing Lines

 The STARCOAT series of enrobing equipment are used for applications in the confectionery, bakery, and nutrition bar industries. Our enrobers are suitable for processing chocolate, compound, and caramel coatings. The design of the STARCOAT enrober is focused on the following fundamental criteria:

24/7 continuous enrober production

consistent coating weight control

temperature and pre-crystallization stability

fast enrober change-overs (20 minutes)

superior enrober cleaning access

easy & low enrober maintenance


  • Precision enrobing curtain system applies coating uniformly, at constant target weights across the belt.
  • Active temperature control system guarantees  a constant degree of pre-crystallization and a stable viscosity during 24/7 production.
  • High quality temper of the chocolate in the enrober results in high gloss and excellent heat resistance.
  • Continuous filtration of main coating circuit ensures continuous curtain and removes any particle matter.
  • Easy to operate with logical operator interface for easy training and reproducible parameter settings.
  • Flexible standard design with ample room for additional process features such as additional blower, post bottomer, etc.

STARCOAT Enrobing System Cleaning

Designed according to the latest GMP standards, our enrobers need minimum operator attendance and are very easy to clean and maintain. All internal parts can easily be accessed or removed for cleaning or maintenance. The machine features easy removal of the following components for cleaning:

Chocolate tank with optional onboard tempering system

Complete wire-mesh conveyor system

Enrobing and bottoming station

Detailing system

Cleaning of the enrober can be done in-line or by moving the above components to a cleaning room.  In any case, it is very easy to inspect all critical internal surface areas of the enrobing machine after cleaning for proper sanitation. MF-hamburg enrobers are made of stainless steel and other non-corrosive metal detectable materials.

For fast change-overs, we can supply additional tanks and wire-mesh conveyor systems, allowing for a realistic chocolate coating color change in 20 minutes. For the tank and conveyor system that are not in use, we offer a docking station to maintain temperature.


Belt Widths

Midi620 - 82024 - 32
Maxi820 - 130032 - 51
XXL1400 - 220055 - 90

Machine Lengths

Mini4 m/min
(13 ft/min)
Midi4 m/min
(13 ft/min)
MaxiNA6 m/min
(20 ft/min)
8 m/min
(27 ft/min)
11 m/min
(37 ft/min)
XXLNA6 m/min
(20 ft/min)
8 m/min
(27 ft/min)
11 m/min
(37 ft/min)


Chocolate must solidify in the right crystal configuration to obtain high gloss, good snap, and heat resistance for long shelf life. For this, it is necessary to seed the chocolate with the proper beta prime crystal configuration. This is accomplished by subjecting the chocolate to precisely controlled cooling and heating stages while applying high mixing and shearing action. Once stabilized, the chocolate can be used in subsequent processes such as enrobing, decorating and molding.

STARTEMP Chocolate Tempering

MF-hamburg tempering and conditioning machines feature optimum pre-crystallization properties and are designed to complement the “Star Coat” enrobing machines and other chocolate tempering or compound conditioning applications in the confectionery, bakery, snack foods, and nutrition industries.

The STARTEMP tempering machines are mounted on stainless steel frames with stainless steel cladding for sanitary operation and are designed for easy cleaning and fast changeover. They can be set up as stand-alone units, or as integrated tempering machines inside our enrobers to save investment costs and space. The inboard tempering systems are mounted on castors, so that they can be unplugged and wheeled to an external docking station, or to a wash-down area, allowing easy access to the enrober for cleaning and maintenance.

All MF-hamburg STARTEMP tempering systems have the following process steps: 

de-tempering zone

pre-cooling zone

crystallization zone

re-heat zone


TypeDescriptionModel #Capacity
Mini tempering machine for feeding decorating units, etc. (mobile)TM 150 t
TM 200 t
TM 250 t
150 kg/h
200 kg/h
250 kg/h
External tempering units with 4-zone temperingTM 350
TM 500
TM 750
350 kg/h
500 kg/h
750 kg/h
TMTwith integrated tank and sieve stationTMT 1200
TMT 1500
TMT 2000
1200 kg/h
1500 kg/h
2000 kg/h
TMTcincluding tank, sieve station and refrigeration unitTMTc 30003000 kg/h
TMUtempering system for integration into enrobing machines with working widths from 420 mm up to 2,000 mm. By means of docking station also serves as external, exchangeable tempering unit.TMU 620
TMU 820
TMU 1050
TMU 1300
250 kg/h
350 kg/h
450 kg/h
600 kg/h
TTMtPlate Tempering Machine with integrated tank and sieve stationTTMt 500
TTMt 1000
TTMt 2000
TTMt 3000
350-500 kg/h
500-1000 kg/h
1000-2000 kg/h
2000-3000 kg/h
TMT-HYWash-down and fast change-oversTMT 500 HY
TMT 1000 HY
TMT 2000 HY
500 kg/h
1000 kg/h
2000 kg/h

STARTEMP Chocolate Tempermeter

STAR-TEMP Chocolate Tempermeter in use with liquid chocolate

MF hamburg’s chocolate tempermeters are compact and equipped with thermo-electric cooling for your convenience.  This device can easily be interfaced with a laptop or PC to print tempering crystallization curves.

Accurate and fast thermo-electric cooling

Digital display for quick temper evaluation

Precise temperature measurement with heat-able RTD


Wash-down Tempering Machine

The TMT-HY tempering machine series are designed to allow for quick and safe, complete dismantling of the tempering screws, chocolate pump, and piping. All internal surfaces can be cleaned and inspected, making true allergen change-over a reality. Quick change-overs can be preformed from white and milk chocolate to dark chocolate, and vice versa. Therefore, one tempering machine can be used for all production purposes. 

Allergen cleanable

Easy cleaning after using strong flavors, such as mint, etc.

Cleaning time: approximately 60 minute

Integrated use tank and vibratory sieve

Cooling Tunnels

MF hamburg cooling tunnels are ideally suited for enrobing, post-baking, pre-cooling, general cooling and drying applications in the confectionery, bakery foods, snack foods, and nutrition bar industries. Many applications require cooling tunnels in one or more stages of the production process. While all these applications have some type of cooling and/or drying in common, they are unique in terms of process parameters, temperatures, ambient conditions, cleaning requirements and capacity.


MF hamburg cooling tunnels are a combination of high efficiency cooling, reliable product conveyance, and superb cleaning access. All of our cooling tunnels are constructed of stainless steel, including the tunnel covers and belt slider bed. All components can be accessed for cleaning without the use of tools. MF hamburg cooling tunnels are manufactured in standard cooling tunnel belt widths from 16 to 96 inches and in lengths from 20 to 300 feet.

Closed Cooling Tunnel in enrobing line for confectionery and baked food manufacturing

32-inch Sanitary Slab Cooling Tunnel

STARCOOL Universal Cooling Tunnel

MF hamburg offers a complete range of cooling tunnel functionality, from radiant to convection, to impingement and contact cooling. All of our cooling tunnels are constructed with a water chilled belt slider bed for efficient, controlled, and uniform bottom cooling. Particular attention has been given to guarantee even air distribution in the cooling tunnel to ensure uniform product cooling across the belt.

MF hamburg’s modular cooling tunnel approach also provides for easy reconfiguration to increase capacity or adapt the system to a completely different cooling application in the future. Our cooling tunnels are designed to meet the strictest requirements for cleaning, sanitizing, and allergen changeover. All of our cooling tunnels are fabricated in stainless steel and have easily removable covers and easy-to-open hinged hoods (with special seals) to allow cleaning and inspection of all internal surfaces, cooling coils, etc.

MF hamburg cooling tunnels offer special air filtration for unique allergen applications and improved shelf-life, and integrated air-drying systems for special product applications. In addition to our traditional cooling tunnel designs, we also offer high-velocity multi-jet impingement cooling tunnels for higher capacity cooling applications and/or space savings.


All sanitary stainless steel construction

Convection and radiation cooling options

100% water-chilled bottom cooling

Heavy duty belt-drive and tensioning system

Advanced belt tracking system with alarm functions

STARCOOL Cooling Tunnel Cleaning

Cooling Tunnel Widths

Midi620 - 82024 - 32
Maxi820 - 130032 - 51
XXL1400 - 220055 - 90

Cooling Tunnel Lengths

Single Coil
Single Coil
Dual Coil
Triple Coil
Mini6.9 m
22.6 ft
20.7 m
67.9 ft
Midi6.9 m
22.6 ft
25.3 m
83 ft
Maxi6.9 m
22.6 ft
25.3 m
83 ft
59.8 m
196.2 ft
89.7 m
294.3 ft
XXL6.9 m
22.6 ft
25.3 m
83 ft
59.8 m
196.2 ft
89.7 m
294.3 ft

Toppings & Sprinkles

Belt Type Toppings Applicator

MF Hamburg belt type topping applicators are designed truly sanitary and capable of allergen change-overs. The belt type toppings applicator can be adjusted in belt speed, depositing angle, and toppings volume by means of a gate. The complete belt toppings application system consists of the belt type applicator, toppings recovery conveyor, and inclined toppings return conveyor. All system components are on casters and can easily be taken offline for cleaning at a washing location.

The belt type applicator is ideally suitable for the following toppings:

Sliced and chopped nuts



Cookie crumbs

Chocolate chips & jimmies

Dehydrated coconut flakes

Rice crispy


Capacity for Belt Topping Sprinkler 

Roaster Typelb / hr
KRC - S51,100 - 2,200
KRC - S72,200 - 3,000
KRC - S63,000 - 4,600
KRC - S84,600 - 6,400
KRC - S126,400 - 8,800


Even Distribution

Automatic Return system

Easy Repeatable settings

Extremely gentle to fragile toppings

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