The New Generation Wiener Ball Mill

The Wiener Ball Mill – Generation 7 

The most effective refiner of its kind.

By bundling our experience, technology and customer input, we; at Royal Duyvis Wiener, have developed a brand new generation of machinery: sturdy and sustainable, solid and smart. With our next generation Ball Mill you improve your control of your refining process, which allows you to out-put a consistent product quality. Our Ball Mill’s compact vessel with comparable amount of balls, results in a milling chamber with almost no dead-space. Less product in the ball mill during grinding leads to a reduction of waste during product changes. Making this generation of ball mills the most effective so far.

Gravitech Technology

This proven concept, with a track record of more 40 years, is based on a slow rotating shaft and high energy impact. The most significant difference with our competitors: we don’t apply additional force on the balls, we just use the natural gravity flow. The result is less wear and tear and hence less iron in the product, which makes this ball mill a sustainable one.

Maintenance Reduction Program

Increase your production stability & quality, while obtaining a fat greasing reduction of 80%, by introducing smart technical features and machine design. Interference on the machine is reduced to a minimum. By installing for example the automatic fat greasing system, informing the operator when the fat greasing system should be replaced. This ensures a continuous well-greased system.

Pillow Plate Technology

Optimize your product quality and safety with our pillow plate technology. The increased and optimized cooling system enables ultimate control on the water flow due to Pillow Plate technology. Thus, making it easier to handle difficult recipes and temperature sensitive products!

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