Bar Manufacturing

Hansella Contline Bar Line

Hansella recognizes the increasing trends and growing market for bars and has developed special technologies for the production of different and innovative types of bars. Whether functional, candy, muesli or cereal bars, Hansella is able to meet the requirements of this increased variety. Hansella Contiline embodies the universal and high quality manufacturing of these products.
Our product range enables you to manufacture modern bars with the latest up-to-date processing technology. Hansella’s Contiline for instance, offers a fast mass and product change. In addition, reliable production operating at the highest hygiene standards guarantees the best quality for your end products. The Contiline machines cover a great range in bar production. Apart from their great flexibility, our machines also offer ease of operation. Hansella does not only supply sturdy and reliable machines, but also great service as far as process engineering and technology are concerned. You will receive holistic and competent consulting already in advance – and to your advantage.

Hansella Contline “Don’t Stop – Keep Running” Features

Run & Clean:

Heavily soiled machine parts can be cleaned during running production. Mass deposits on machine surfaces are pre-vented by special surface coatings or easy to handle strippers.

Tool Free – Quick Release:

The machine operator does not need any tools. All parts of the machine the opera-tor has to adjust or remove are equipped with so-called “quick releases”.


In case of malfunctions in upstream or downstream processes, or in case of smaller interruptions of production, the Contiline not necessarily needs to be stopped. The Contiline’s components line speed can be changed within seconds.

Easy to Operate:

The ease of operation and the steady pro-duction run increases your production quality and productivity.

Bar Kitchen: Weighing, Cooking, & Aerating

From a small binder cooker to continuous, high-capacity nougat and caramel candy bar kitchens, Hansella offers a complete range of bar kitchens.

GRAVOMAT Weighing & Batching System

The GRAVOMAT weighing and batching system is equipped with highly accurate weighing cells and powerful recipe management to ensure a consistent and repeatable high quality. The modular design allows for a variety of customizable configurations, such as including a rapid cooker for dissolving sugar or a pre-cooker beneath weighing .


BDS 0116
BDS 6000
Capacity (lb / hr)
up to 13,500
13,500 - 22,000
Capacity (kg / hr)
Up to 6.000
6.000 - 10.000


Hygienic design

Gravimetric metering

Programmable dosing and mixing processes


Long life-time from Robust Frame

Customizable Configurations to suit unique needs

High Flexibility and Control from automatization and recipe management

Universal Batch Cooker

The Universal Batch Cooker is suitable for all types of Jam, Binders, and Jellies. Scrapers attached to the stirring blades rake the entire heated area, creating an intensive exchange of heat between the product solution and the heated walls of the cooking kettle and preventing it from sticking to the walls.

The cooking unit offers accurate adjustment of the degree of crystallization and residual mass moisture content. So as to ensure ease of handling, the control system can be provided with a visual process display, recipe memory, control functions and CIP facilities in accordance with the required degree of automation.


Double Walled

Automatic Steam Cut Off

Heat-able Flat Storage Tank (Includes discharge pump)

Continuous Aerator BBK

During the aeration process, all other assemblies continue to work, automatically controlled and without any stand-by or downtimes. Thus, the next complete mixture is produced in the Hansella Gravomat while the next batch of sugar mass is prepared in the rapid cooker. Weighing, cooking and aerating are carried out automatically and independent of each other.

The core of this continuous aeration system is the stain-less steel mixing head, which consists of a stator and a rotor. A multitude of stainless steel pins is mounted on the rotor and stator to guarantee a thorough mixing and distribution of the mass. The sugar batch is aerated with the foaming agent inside the mixing head. The continuous process requires an accurate and controlled dosing of all components.

Variables such as mixing speed, system pressure, rate of flow, temperature and gas and liquid ratio can be accurately adjusted and controlled. This system provides a broad range of applications, while simultaneously offering first-class reproducible quality as well as a high degree of flexibility.


Aerating Head made of Cr-Ni Steel

A continuous process for uniform, reproducible product quality

Can be used with versatility by adapting the parameters, mixing speed, pressure and temperature

Slab Forming

The Hansella forming technology is a novel system that has been developed on the basis of our great range of experience.

The professional and universal slab-forming machine guarantees a particularly wide range of application. Any moldable mass, from cereal, granola or muesli masses to fruit, jelly, foam, protein and caramel masses, may be molded into a mass slab with the Hansella 2-roller former.

Slab Forming Machine: WRF Flex

The WRF Flex smooth slab former offers an easy, step-less, and tool-free flexible working/forming width (+/- 45mm), during operation, for different product sizes, allowing for trim optimization or elimintation. As a result, less product is wasted, helping decrease production costs and contributing to a faster return on investement (ROI).


Slab Former Type
WRF Flex
Capacity (lb / hr)
650 - 2,650
Capacity (kg / hr)
300 - 1.200


Forming Speed Range: 0.5 - 30 m/min

Working Width of 400-1.500 mm (15 - 60 in)

Flexible forming width (+/- 45mm)

Adjustable forming width during production

Hygienic design - Stainless Steel


Minimizes cost resulting from product waste

Easily accessible from all sides allows for thorough cleaning

Tool-free operation & maintenance - "quick-release"

Longitudinal Cutting

The Hansella Contiline longitudinal cutting machine cuts the mass slab into equal, precise individual ropes. The circular knife shaft – an arrangement of circular knifes and intermediate distance rings – cuts on the cutting roller. The cutting roller is clad with so-called plastic wear rings. Depending on the bar mass, the large blade of the circular knives cuts above, on or into the wear rings in the cutting roller.

Longitudinal Cutter: WRL

The Hansella Longitudinal Cutter’s knife blade height can very easily be adjusted during production. Therefore it is possible to optimize longitudinal cutting at any time without having to stop the machine. Excellent cutting results can always be achieved, even with varying masses.

Two frequency controlled gear motors drive the circular knife shaft and the cutting roller independent of each other.

Longitudinal cutting may be interrupted at any time during production by lifting and lowering the circular knife shaft. This offers the advantage that the bar line and the upstream processes (cooker, raw materials) need not to be stopped – this guarantees a stable constant production process and mass quality.

The longitudinal cutting machine is mounted in a floating manner and may be positioned relative to the line center. The circular knife blades can be accurately aligned with the mass slab position and corrected. If the two outer circular knifes are in alignment with the edges of the slab, no lateral trimmings will be generated (trim-free cutting). The total slab width can be used for bar production.

The circular knives are continuously cleaned via spring strippers. It is possible to automatically isolate the knife surface with a suitable liquid (e.g. oil), thus segregating any mass adhesions. This prevents mass from depositing on the circular knives.

During the cutting process, the mass ropes are fixed in position by means of a hold-down device. The hold-down device can be adjusted without any tools and is easy to remove from the machine.

A fast format change, i.e. changing the bar width, is possible, as the circular knife shaft can be easily exchanged against another circular knife shaft. The machine is well accessible from all sides and very easy to operate.


Technical Details
Number of Strands
Max. Cutting Height Approx.
Strand Width (non-enrober)
Speed Range
as per bar line specification
25 mm
as per bar line specification
0.5 to 3m/min or 1 to 6m/min
Depending on line speed


Robust design, easy operation

Automatic cleaning and isolation of circular knives

Circular knife shaft and cutting roller with own frequency-controlled drive

Compact, clearly laid out construction, no conveyor belt, good accessibility, and fast format change

safety cover with safety query


Adjustment and removal of rope hold-down device without tools

Lateral positioning and correction of knives relative to the mass slab position – reduction, decrease or avoidance of lateral trimmings (trim-free cutting)

Easy and quick interruption of production process - Lifting and lowering of circular knives

Long production times, automatic cleaning and isolation of circular knives

Fanning System

The fanning system spaces the mass ropes apart across the line width at right angles to each other. This prevents the lateral rope cutting areas from sticking together again.

Fanning System WRL 600/1000 F

As a standard, the Hansella Contiline fanning system offers two sets of strand aligner, which by their individual positioning optimize mass rope alignment. The optimum lateral product spacing is important when coating the product with chocolate or compound to prevent any bridging (double bars) between products.

The mobile fanning system is easy to remove from the line by driving it out sideways. To do so, the retractable edge at the inlet is pushed back, thus providing sufficient shunting space. The fanning system offers good accessibility on all sides and particularly bears in mind ongoing hygiene aspects. Efficient cleaning of the machine is given (e.g. avoidance of bacterial or allergenic residues).


Robust basic frame made of stainless steel

Drive, frequently controlled, for the infinitively speed adjustment

Pneumatically tensioning device

Manual retractable infeed edge, approx. 425mm

Scrapers for cleaning the belt back & top side


Cleaning while running

Easily accessible

Tool-free belt release

Cross Cutting

The cross cutting machine (guillotine) cuts the arriving mass ropes crosswise into individual bars. The guillotine is equipped with an inlet belt and an outlet belt. The inlet belt feeds the mass ropes into the knife. The outlet belt transports the freshly cut bars in the line’s direction of movement. Both belts have their own frequency-controlled drive.

Cross Cutter: WRQ 1000

The knife of the cross cutting machine is driven by two servo axis that operate independent of each other. The first servo axis moves the knife up and down – this is the actual cutting movement. The second servo axis moves the knife backwards and forwards – this is the knife following movement. The knife following movement takes place during cutting, i.e. the knife is located in the product, absolutely synchronous to the rope speed. The product neither bulges at the knife surface, nor is the product pulled across the knife or even torn apart. In this manner, a perfectly rectangular cut is achieved. The following movement is a true linear speed movement and is adapted to the respective rope speed via the servo control.

During cutting, the knife blade hits a plastic cutting ledge rail – the product is accurately separated from the rope. The height of the cross cutting knife may optionally be fine adjusted during production. The cutting result can thereby be optimized at any time without having to stop the machine.

The guillotine cuts in pulsed working mode with up to 120 cuts/min. For very short cut lengths, up to 180 cuts/min may be run in continuous working mode. The guillo-tine knife is cleaned via spring strippers during every cut. In addition, it is possible to automatically isolate the knife surface with a suitable liquid (e.g. oil), thus segregating any mass adhesions. This prevents mass from depositing on the knife. During cutting, the bars are fixed in their position by means of a hold-down device. The hold-down devices can be adjusted without any tools and are easy to remove from the machine.

The machie is well accessible from all sides and very easy to operate. Hansella offers an ultrasonic version of the WRQ for difficult cut-ting conditions, e.g. sticky, multilayer, laminated or sen-sitive products. The cutting by ultrasonic ensures clean, sharp cut edges for almost all applications


Technical Details
Max. Cutting Height
Min. Cutting Height
Machine Length
(incl. infeed & outlet belt)
Rated Cutting Frequency

120 cuts/min
200 cuts/min
80 cuts/min


Basic frame made of stainless steel to incorporate the individual units

Robust design, good accessibility, simple operation

Silicone transport belts

2 independent servo axis

Servo-controlled accurate following movement of the knife – rectangular cut

Automatic cleaning and isolation of the knife


Accurate rectangular cuts - Knife with two independent servo drives (1x for cutting, 1x for knife follwing movement)

Tool-free adjustment and removal of hold-down devices

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