Chocolate & Sugar Confectionery

Confectionery Production

Kocotek is proud to partner with world renowned equipment suppliers in the chocolate and sugar confectionery industries.

From our Chocolate Mold supplier, Cabrellon, to our Enrobing partner, MC Automations, Kocotek provides the best chocolate confectionery equipment there is to offer.

Our sugar confectionery partner, Executive, has a wide and specialized range of forming lines that may also include pre-extruders, extruders, and many other applicable center filling capabilities.

Chocolate Confectionery

Chocolate Confectionery Equipment

Kocotek specializes in chocolate confectionery processing and packaging equipment.

We look forward to sharing our experience with chocolate and jelly bean coating/panning and polishing.

Enrobing Systems

Sugar Confectionery

Sugar Confectionery Processing

Our partners over at Executive Candy have over 30 years of experience in the sugar confectionery field. The company is a leading world-wide supplier of machinery and complete processing lines for the production of confectionery items such as:

    Chewy Candy

    Hard Candy


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