Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Systems for the Production of Chocolate and Compound Coatings

Using the 130 + years of experience in chocolate making equipment of the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group, the technical and process development teams set out to develop ‘hybrid’ systems that use unconventional combinations of conventional chocolate production methods. The teams set out to combine the most efficient technologies resulting in remarkable ‘hybrid systems’ that have distinct advantages for for certain chocolates and coatings over the well established conventional process systems

Conching & Liquid Grinding

A method used for the production of high quality chocolates and compound coatings.

CHOCO Lean Processing Method

This first step in this unique chocolate ‘CHOCO Lean’ processing method is to take all ingredients and produce a low fat and coarse chocolate paste that is conched in a traditional (usually single shaft) high sheer dry conche. When the conching cycle is complete and the final ingredients are added and homogenized the now liquid chocolate is refined over either vertical or horizontal ball mills.


Advantage of conventional dry-conching principles

Economical solution

Easy to operate

Virtually no maintenance

Small foot print


Ability to process lower fat chocolates on ball mills

Optimum viscosity and yield value developments

Ability to produce, white milk, dark chocolate, including sugar free

Full Flavor developing abilities associated with dry-conching

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