Bean-to-Bar Artisan

Artisan Bean-to-Bar Processing

KOCOTEK offers a complete range of bean-to-bar processing equipment from Royal Duyvis Wiener. This machinery is designed for artisan and craft chocolate makers who want a range of process and capacity options.

Roasting- Flavor Development
- Reduction of microbiological activity
- Reduction of moisture content
- Cylindrical Batch Roaster
- Spherical (Ball) Roaster
- Cocoa Bean Cooler
Pre-Grinding- Create a pumpable coarse liquor- Batch Knife Mill
- Continuous Knife Mill
Ingredient Mixing- Combine chocolate ingredients into homogenous mass
Refining- Reduce particle size
- Ensure adequate particle size distribution
- Roll Refiner
- Ball Mills
Conching- Optimize Chocolate Flavor
- Evaporate Excess Moisture
- Homogenize chocolate
- Stabilize chocolate
- Single Shaft Conche
- Double Shaft Conche
- Longitudinal Conche
Tempering- Establish βeta-5 crystals within cocoa butter
- Ensure good 'snap' and glossy appearance
- Develop heat resistance and preserve shelf-life
- Flex Tempering Machine
- Compact Tempering Machine
- Tempering Wheel

Cocoa Bean Cleaning & Classification

Cleaning and classification is the first step in cocoa processing, and involves inspecting and sorting beans to remove impurities.  Removal of items such as sticks, pulp, bags, spoiled beans, and other debris ensures that your product is safe for consumption. Consumer safety is a priority in any food production facility, which is why JAF Inox has designed its equipment with health and safety in mind.  All machine parts that handle product are constructed using AISI 304 stainless steel or food-grade plastic and are easy to clean.

Manual & Mechanical Classifer

Royal Duyvis Wiener’s cleaning and classification equipment helps you to select only the best beans for roasting.  JAF Inox offers a sorting table for manual classification, or mechanical and 3-stage classifiers for efficient sorting of larger volumes of beans.


Mechanical Classification Machine: 60 Kg/h


Separates bean sizes by sieve

2HP vibratory motors

2HP suction


Easy to clean

Efficient separation of beans by size

Cocoa Bean Roasting

Cocoa Beans are roasted to further develop the chocolate’s true flavor. Roasting is all about finding the perfect balance between heat and time to release the full flavor of the cocoa beans.  Unlike coffee beans, which roast at very high temperatures, cocoa beans are more fragile and require lower temperature roasting. Some may be tempted This process also ensures that there is sufficient moisture removal so that the beans can be efficiently winnowed after roasting.

Cylindrical Batch Roaster

JAF Inox offers two types of roasters – a cylindrical batch roaster, and a spherical (ball) roaster – both of which are designed to provide you with full control of the roasting process. Set temperature and time, and store recipes advance your craftsmanship and bring out the desirable qualities of flavor beans. Temperatures can be set for consistency or modified for flexibility, and recipe control esures that you get consistent quality throughout batches.

Spherical (Ball) Roaster Capacities: 

60kg and 150kg


PLC with recipe storage

Gas heater 70kW

Material in contact with product in Stainless Steel


Optional bean cooler available

Optional elevators available to load and unload beans

Classic look and design makes an excellent factory centerpiece


The most valuable part of the cocoa bean is the cocoa nib, and the winnowing process is key to ensuring that removes the outer shell of the cocoa bean, as well as well as flat or broken beans from cocoa nibs. Winnowing yields cocoa ‘nib’, which can be ground into coarse liquor for further refining into chocolate.

Sequential Sieve Winnower

The principle of separation by winnowing depends on the difference in density between the nib and shell. The winnower takes roasted cocoa beans, which are fed into an adjustable feeder, and breaks them using a hammer mill. The resulting nibs are separated from the cracked shell with the aid of a vibratory sieve and variable suction.


10kg/h, 60 kg/h, and 120 kg/h


Stainless Steel Construction

Fragmented by hammer mill

Separation in 5 sizes


Efficient separation and removal of nib from shell

Coarse Grinding / Pre-Grinding

Coarse (or pre-) grinding comes after winnowing and is the first step in the refining process. Nibs are ground until friction and heat reduces them to a thick paste known as ‘cocoa mass’ or ‘cocoa liquor’. This can be achieved using a Royal Duyvis Wiener Batch Knife Mill or Continuous Knife Mill.

Batch Knife & Continuous Knife Mill

JAF Inox offers options for either batch or continuous pre-grinding. The process begins when roasted nibs, along with other ingredients such as sugar and lecithin (oil or butter), are fed into the mill.  Blades then rotate and grind the mixture into a coarse, pumpable cocoa liquor, to be further refined using a 5-roll refiner.

Mill Capacities

Mill TypeCapacities
Batch Mill10kg
Batch Mill30kg
Continuous Mill60kg/hr


Stainless Steel Construction

Mechanical safety switch to protect operator

Includes automatic feeder to roll refiner


Low energy consumption

Easy transfer from pre-grinder to roll refiner

Five Roll Refining

Further refining of chocolate liquor is essential to generate the fine, smooth texture associated with high quality chocolate.  Royal Duyvis Wiener offers 5-roll refiner technology to ensure optimal particle size and ideal rheological properties of the chocolate.

Five Roll Refiner

Roll-refiners are precision-made machines that consist of rolls mounted vertically. These rolls are slightly ‘crowned’ so that when the machine is working, the pressure exerted will ensure that a film of chocolate with even thickness is spread over the full roll surface.

Refiner SizeRefiner Capacities
10 cm x 20cm20 to 30 kg/hr
20cm x 50cm80 to 120 kh/hr
20cm x 80cm
100 to 150 kg/hr


Roll position regulated mechanically between first, third, fourth and fifth roll

Chiller system included to cool the rolls

Speed controlled by digital drive

Scraper on fifth roll with easy adjustment


Easy removal of scraper for cleaning

Superb particle size reduction and distribution

Chocolate Conching

The conching process serves to homogenize chocolate and optimize flavor profile.  Royal Duyvis Wiener offers both single shaft and longitudinal conches, depending on customer preference.  Both machine options offer precise control over process time and temperature, and work effectively to enhance flavor, evaporate excess moisture and volatiles, and stabilize chocolate.

Single-Shaft Conches

The single shaft conche reduces moisture content of the chocolate batch while removing volatile and undesired flavors. The single shaft provides a good and permanent exchange of chocolate particles between the rotors to produce a chocolate with excellent rheological quality.


200kg, 500kg


Stainless Steel Construction

Single Shaft with Thouet Traditional Design provides clockwise mixing and counter-clockwise conching with shear force

Natural exhaustion by open cover/lid (grill)


High efficiency

High shear

Longitudinal Conches

Our longitudinal conches feature the classic look and design of yesterday, consisting of a flat bed upon which heavy rollers, attached to robust steel arms, move backward and forward. Additionally, JAF Inox’s equipment can be customized with color and logo, to make an excellent focalpoint in any factory.


3kg, 250kg, 800kg


Classic Look and Design

Customizable color

Electrical heat with roll for shear force

Chocolate Tempering

Proper tempering is essential in producing quality chocolate. Well-tempered chocolate has a higher melting point and increased shelf-life, as well as characteristics such as good ‘snap’ and glossy shine. JAF Inox offers several different options for tempering machinery, all designed to provide finished chocolate with these ideal characteristics.

Compact Batch Tempering Machine

JAF Inox’s Tempering Wheel offers the smallest footprint, with a capacity of 3 kg it is well-suited as a ‘tabletop’ machine for lab and culinary use.  For larger volumes, JAF Inox also offers a Compact Tempering Machine (8kg/batch or larger 50kg/batch option) and Flex Tempering Machine (30 kg/batch) which comes with a vibratory table, and can be accessorized with a Flex dropping tool or enrobing machine.


Tempering TypeCapacities
Flex Tempering Machine30kg
Compact Tempering Machine8kg
Compact Tempering Machine50kg
Tempering Wheel3kg
Tempering Wheel40kg


Stainless Steel

Touchscreen Controls on Flex Tempering Machine

Optional enrobing attachment available for Flex Tempering Machine

Optional 'dropping' attachment available for filling multiple molds

Can be offered with piston depositor for accurate dosing into molds


A cooling tunnel is placed at the end of the line to help the chocolate solidify in the molds.

Cooling Tunnels

The cooling tunnel is constructed in stainless steel with a polyurethane belt for easy cleaning. Temperature and humidity are digitally controlled in increments of 0.1 °C. The speed of the belt is controlled by a digital driver.


5m, 8m, or 10m


Chiller included

Magnetic doors for quick, easy opening


Quick, efficient cooling

Easy to clean

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