Traditional Roller Refining

State of the Art Chocolate Manufacturing Systems

For chocolate and chocolate coating production, Kocotek specializes in traditional five-roll refining combined with dry conching, as well as, the modern ball mill production technology, combined with either a continuous ‘wet’ conche or a batch ‘dry’ conche. Each system offers its own unique advantages and is available in capacities ranging from small scale artisan (or ‘pilot plant’) all the way to large industrial production systems.

Chocolate Paste Mixing

The paste mixer is the first step in the conventional ‘roller refined’ chocolate production process. All essential ingredients that make up chocolate (typically: sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa liquor, milk and whey powders and some other ‘minor’ ingredients) are accurately dosed according the recipe and thoroughly mixed before being transported to the hopper, which is above the pre-refiner. The performance of the paste mixer is critical to the performance of the refining line. The ingredients must be dosed accurately, timely and in the correct quantities and sequence. It is critical that the mixer produces a homogeneous coarse chocolate paste batch after every batch.

Dry Batch Paste Mixing System

The Thouet paste mixer is placed on load cells and for optimum and efficient mixing has two (2) specially designed horizontal mixing shafts each fitted with very strong helical geared motors. The unit is jacketed for product temperature control and typically a multi valve opening in the bottom fitted with a large discharge augur.

The well-proven design of these Dry Batch Mixers ensures enough mixing time after ingredient dosing for a homogenous dough or paste and can handle up to 3 batcher per hour.


Horizontal Mixer Typelb / hr
DM(S/K)-5001,000 - 3,000
DM(S/K)-10003,000 - 6,000
DM(S/K)-15006,000 - 9,000
DM(S/K)-20009,000 - 13,000
DM(S/K)-300013,000 - 20,000


Double trough tank with two mixing shafts for optimum mixing efficiency

Load cells and/or loss in weight feeding

Specially designed elements for mixing and kneading of chocolate


Self aligning roller bearings

Can handle three (3) batches an hour

Optimum and uniform mixing of all ingredients

Double shaft mixer for chocolate ingredients,

Different models for crystal (DMS) and powdered (DMK) sugar

Steel Belt Conveying

Typically installed on floor mounted columns, conveyors are used to transport chocolat flakes throught the chocolate manufacturing system. Conveyors may also be installed using cieling suspension with special fixing devices.

Steel Belt Conveyors

Stand alone Steel Belt Conveyor for transporting chocolate flakes in chocolate manufacturing lines

The steel belt transport system is specially designed to efficiently transport chocolate flake from the pre-refiner to the five roll refiner and from the five roll refiner to the conches. Motor power varies by conveyor length. 


Belt Typelb / hr
TRB-4 (belt with 400mm)1,000 - 11,000
TRB-5 (belt with 500mm)11,000 - 23,000


Sanitary design with stainless steel frame and either stainless or makrolon covers

Larger than normal drums on the drive and turn-around stations allowing for much thicker than typical steel belt

Specially designed Scrapers

Available with 'self cleaning' brush system

Typical max length is 130 feet but longer belts can be supplied too!


Gentle inclines to prevent 'roll back' of the product

Belt thickness results in significantly lower chance of failure

Extra wide belts allowing for reduced speeds also at higher capacities (less dust)

Sanitary design stainless steel or makrolon covers for food safety

To minimize friction the belt is roller supported through-out


2-roll refiners are used as pre-refiners in chocolate manufacturing systems. Chocolate paste is pre-refined from a coarse crystal sugar to a particle size of 100 – 200 microns.

Pre-Refiner: 2 Roll Refiner

Stand alone Two (2) Roll Refiner used for pre-refining chocolate paste

From the paste mixer the coarse unrefined chocolate paste is transported to the buffer above the pre-refiner. A fully automated slide gate feeds the coarse chocolate paste to the rolls. The rolls can be driven by one (1) single frequency controlled drive, or by two (2) frequency controlled drives to have ore flexibility in setting up the speed differential.


Pre-Refiner TypeRoller Widthlb / hr
WZ9900 mm2,200 - 8,800
WZ131,300 mm8,800 - 13,000
WZ181,800 mm13,000 - 24,000


Latest sanitary, hygienic design, stainless steel machine making it a 'easy clean'

Easy dismantling of the rolls when they need to be re-cut

Double use scraper knives

Rolls have individual temperature control

Specially designed hydraulic pressure system with gap controls


Produces homogenous chocolate flake, ideal for the 5 roll refining step

Pre-wetting' of the product for optimum refining results

Very durable rolls for consistent product quality

Easy clean discharge augur with additional mixing action

5 Roll Refiner

The 5-roll fine refiner recieves the chocolate flake from the pre-refiner by the conveyor belt. The chocolate flake is then refined down to 20 metric micron, typically, though finer particle size is also possible.

Fine-Refiner: 5 Roll Refiner

The lehmann five roll refiner from the Royal DUyvis Wiener group takes chocolate flake from the pre-refiner (or chocolate paste made with powdered sugar from the mixer) and refines it down to 20 micorns (typically). Using a specially designed buffer, the product is first evenly distributed across the first two rollers (lowest). Because of the pressure and the speed differential between the rolls, the product is picked up and refined more and more between each susequent set of rolls. The five roll refiner has four (4) refining steps, each roll has a different speeds. Pressures are controlled as well.


Dry-Conche TypeTriple-Shaft TypeBatch Capacity (lb)


Specially designed, easy to exchange rolls

Rolls 1 and 2 are dynamically controlled for active refining step

Multi drive, frequency controlled technology available

Individual temperature control on each roll

Sanitary design, easy clean system


Very tight particle size distribution for optimum chocolate viscosity potential

Able to refine to 12 (metric) microns

Automatic dry run protection

Available with dual particle size management system on roll #5

Available with water cooled drives to minimize generation of dust

Dry Conching

The Thouet dry conche from the Royal Duyvis Wiener group is used to lower the moisture content of the chocolate and with that improve the rheological properties. Also, undesierable flavor profiles can be removed and other flavor profiles can be created or accentuated.

Dry-Conche Type RC

The Thouet RC and DRC are genuine ‘dry’ conches – they are filled with dry chocolate flake and will keep the product ‘dry’ through out the conching process until the very end when the cocoa butter and lecithin is added. Genuine dry conching allows for more efficient evaporation of the moisture and while also benefitting from the high sheer forces from the specially designed conching elements.


Dry-Conche TypeTriple-Shaft TypeBatch Capacity (lb)


Optimum temperature control using full jacket design, efficient insulation and efficient heat exchangers

Very powerful drives for optimum sheer forces at the end of the conching cycle

Stand alone, closed loop heat exchangers

Fully automatic venting/louvre control

Optional load cells


As much as 1% butter savings compared to conventional conches

Optimum viscosity development

Optimum flavor development

Fully automatic addition of cocoa butter and lecithin

Certain models available in stainless steel - excellent for the production of white chocolates!

Research & Development

Equipment on a pilot plant scale for is used for testing and experimenting with the process and product development of chocolates and compound coatings.

Research & Development Equipment

Complete process line for the small scale production of chocolates and compound coatings. Ideal for product and process development work. Equipment line up includes paste mixing, pre-refiner, five roll refiner, single, double and triple shaft ‘dry’ conches as well as ball mills and ‘wet’ conches.


up to about 100 pounds an hour


Unique five roll refiner - with five (5) servo drives for complete individual control over roll speeds

Frequency controlled 2 roll refiner with two (2) drives

All conches are frequency controlled

Conches are stainless steel and have access panels for easy cleaning and even removal of the conhing elements


Ideal for product and process development

Virtually identical production results as what you can exact from a large industrial line

Available to purchase or for trials at the Royal Duyvis Wiener Technical Center

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