Ball Mill Refining

Ball Mill Refining & Liquid Conching

Chocolate and compound coatings can be produced using distinctly different methods and equipment. In addition to conventional roll refining systems (with ‘dry’ conches) Kocotek also specializes in modern ball mill based systems (with ‘wet’ conches). We are also uniquely specialized in ‘hybrid’ systems that combine technologies from roller refining, ball mill refining, wet conching and dry conching). All these systems are made in house at the Royal Duyvis Wiener group in Holland. Depending on the type of chocolate (or compound coating) you wish to produce and each method and system has distinct advantages. We highly recommend exploring all methods of chocolate refining and conching we offer and encourage you to reach out to one of our experienced sales engineers to determine what method suits your project (and product!) best.


The WiecoMix automatically and accurately weighs and mixes all ingredients needed to produce high quality chocolates and compound coatings.

WiecoMix: Continuous Batch Mixer

The WiecoMix is a ‘continuous batch’ ingredient weighing and mixing system consisting of two (2) vessels. First, all chocolate (or coating) ingredients are weighed and thoroughly mixed together in the top vessel. When the batch is complete it is rapidly transferred to the buffer vessel below and from there, the coarse ingredients are continuously pumped to the ball mill refiners (either vertical or horizontal).


Mixer TypeCapacities [lb / hr]
Wiecomix 3501,600 - 2,800
Wiecomix 5002,800 - 4,400


Accurately weighs all ingredients

Thorough, double action counter rotating mixing elements

Warm water jacketed for optimum product temperature

Fully automated

Small footprint


Consistent, accurate and automatic weighing of all ingredients, even minor ones such as salt and vanilla

Accurate batch weighing combined with continuous flow to the ball mill refiners

In flight' weight correction for consistent production

Extremely intense mixing action ensuring a homogenous mass for refining

Ball Mill Refining

Our Royal Duyvis Wiener ball mills are used for refining of chocolate, compound coatings, spreads, fat based cremes and nut spreads.

Vertical & Horizontal Ball Mill Refiner

Our ball mills consist of grinding vessels filled with grinding media and a slow rotating specially designed shaft. The frequency controlled shaft causes small movements in the media that in-turn refine the coarse particles (crystal sugar is usually the coarsest ingredient). Typical end-fineness for a high quality chocolate or compound coating will be around 18 to 20 (metric!) microns. Deepening on the required capacity we can have one single ball mill or two (sometimes even three) in series. For smaller production runs we also offer stand-alone batch ball mills called a ‘WIECON’.

Refining Ball Mill Capacity

Refining Ball Mill TypeCapacities [lb / hr]
Wiecon 50 (Batch)100 - 550
W-105 (Batch)550 - 900
W-701,000 - 6,600
W-851,000 - 6,600
W-903,900 - 8,500


Excellent temperature control, particularly suited for very temperature sensitive products including sugar free chocolates

Frequency controlled, slow rotating shafts

Extremely durable mills, virtually maintenance free

Fully automatic, easy to operate

Modular system capacities expansion project available!


Able to refine to 18 microns and less!

Product viscosity is stable and ready to use right away

Product temperature can be controlled up or down for optimum downstream processing

Ingenious quick 'change over' process - even when switching from a dark to a lite chocolate

NEW Generation 7 Ball Mill Refiner

By bundling experience, technology and customer input, Royal Duyvis Wiener has developed a brand new generation of machinery: it is sturdy and sustainable, solid and smart.

With our next generation Ball Mill the control over the refining process is even further improved, allowing you to efficiently produce a consistent high quality product. Our Ball Mill’s unique redesigned grinding vessel features a milling chamber with almost no dead-space. Less product in the ball mill during grinding ensures optimum grinding efficiency, better temperature control, and leads to a reduction of waste during product changes. This generation ball mill is the most effective by far.

Batch and Continuous Liquid Conching

Batch or continuous conching of liquid chocolates (and in some cases compound coatings too). The Batch Liquid Conche and Continuous Liquid Conches are designed to optimize the viscosity and perfect the flavor of chocolate and compound coatings

Batch Liquid Conche (BLC) and Continous Liquid Conche (CLC)

Both the batch and continuous liquid conche combine a high sheer step with a thin-film reactor where the product is exposed to warm air, resulting in moisture reduction, removal of short chain free fatty acids and improvement of both viscosity and yield value

Liquid Conching Capacity

Liquid Conche TypeCapacities [lb / hr]
BLC (Batch)1,100 - 2,800
CLC1000 (Continuous)1,100 - 2,200
CLC2000 (Continuous)2,200 - 4,400


Easy to use system for liquid (melted) chocolates

Energy efficient

Small foot print

Economical solution


Designed to optimize flavor of any chocolate

Chocolate viscosity will improve

Efficient removal of moisture and off-flavors from the chocolate

Research & Development

Process and product development for chocolates and compound coatings.

R&D Equipment and Facilities for Process and Product Development

Royal Duyvis Wiener is a unique supplier in that all chocolate production systems are also available on ‘pilot plant’ or ‘lab’ scale. From the small W1S ball mill, to liquid conches as well as single, double and triple shaft dry conches all pilot plant equipment is available for purchase. An alternate possibility is to spend a few days at the state of the Art, expertly staffed Royal Duyvis Wiener Technical Center in Koog aan de Zaan. All systems are available for testing and recipe development work there too!

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