Gum Manufacturing

Gum processing includes a wide range of a gum products, many of which require a unique process or machine. Executive Srl’s gum processing equipment covers all types of gum production and their team of technical experts work closely with our customers to ensure a successful, custom solution for every application.


Pre-extruders receive dough (mass) from mixers and use a temperature-controlled chamber and die-head to feed a continuous sheet of gum mass for downstream processes. Pre-extrusion ensures that the gum being fed is homogenously distributed and at the proper temperature.

Executive Pre-Extruder

Pre-extruders receive dough (mass) from mixers and use a temperature-controlled chamber and die-head to feed a continuous sheet of gum mass for downstream processes. Pre-extrusion ensures that the gum being fed is homogenously distributed and at the proper temperature.


From 300 to 2,000 Kg/h


Pre-Extruder is available in different production sizes from 300 up to more than 2,000 Kg/h capacity.

PLC control for all parameters

Direct drive technology with independent motorization for screws and side paddles

Optional heated infeed hopper

Optional automatic hopper loading from bins


User-friendly die-head change-over and reconfiguration or adjustment depending on application

Safe, easy cleaning and maintenance

Spacious hopper for high batch capacity feeding


The gum must crystalize before extrusion.

Stabilizing Belt

A stabilizing belt is installed between a pre-extruder and extruder. During this step, the mass travels on a temperature-controlled belt that is also speed adjustable. Once gum has enough time to crystalize, the mass transitions to the extruder and continues on to the forming process.


Up to 1,000 kg/hr


Adjustable speed/residence time

Adjustable temperatures

Built-in tempering unit

PLC with process parameters control

Options to handle dual colors simultaneously


Easy Cleaning

Low Maintenance

Safe to operate


Once the mass is ready, it will be extruded into ropes or a flat sheet. Ideally, a pre-extruder is used to feed the main extruder in norder to ensure a constant flow of product to the main extruder. Irregularities in the flow of product feeding may cause issues further down production. Co-extruders may also be used to combine two different masses (color and/or flavor) into a single rope.

Extruder and Co-Extruder

Extruders ensure that the mass received from upstream equipment is fed continuously and consistently as a rope to the downstream forming line. This is achieved via a temperature controlled chamber and die-head. Co-Extrusion makes it possible to combine two masses (for example – gum and chewy candy) or two colors/flavors. This allows for great flexibility to make different products by simply changing the die-head. All extruders can be offered with pumps for liquid or powder filling.


Hydraulic system opens extruder completely, exposing chamber and die-head for cleaning and maintenance

Accurate and independent temperature control of both chamber and die-head

PLC control for all parameters

Options for liquid or powder filling.

Easy die-head change-over and reconfiguration


Safe Cleaning

Easy Maintenance

Rope Sizing

Often times, the extruded rope must be reduced to a thinner diameter. The rope sizer reduces the diameter of rope to an appropriate size for forming.

Rope Sizer

The rope sizer receives a thick rope of gum from the extruder and reduces it to a size suitable for forming . It does so by passing the rope smoothly through a series of adjustable calipers that provide controlled sizing.


Up to 180 m/min


2 to 8 stages with mechanical or servo-driven adjustment

Automatic rope control and synchronization

Anti-stick calibrators

Safety protection built into each calibrator

Cooling System for gum handling

Lubrication system for sticky product handling


Easy to clean

Low maintenance

Easy rope feeding

Quick and easy adjustment


A relaxation belt allows time to stabilize the gum and prevent deformation.

Relaxation Belt

Rope is fed to a controllable belt with a programmable pattern, giving time to release internal tensions.


Automatic rope control and speed synchronization

Can use either ambient or conditioned air to stabilize product.

Adjustable residence time

Parameters and operations controlled by PLC


Avoids rope accumulation and stretching

Allows adequate time to release internal tensions

Rotary Forming

Rotary forming continuously cuts the gum from the upstream rope sizer to a target shape and weight.

Rotary Forming Machine

During rotary forming, the machine receives rope from the upstream rope sizer and cuts it by compressing each piece inside a specially-designed forming chamber. This creates individual pieces of gum with a target shape and weight. Rotary forming is the most flexible option and provides the least amount of ‘scrap’.


Rotary Forming Type
Output (kg / hr)Rope Speed (m / min)
MOD. 256 - EXEC - MINIFLEXUp to 30030
MOD. 114 - EXEC
Up to 700110
MOD. 195 - EXECUp to 1200130
MOD. 239 - EXEC - FLEXIUp to 1600160


Infeed sizing rollers for rope final adjustment

Long-lasting hardened forming cams and rollers

Accurate forming pressure adjustment.

Product thickness adjustment

Patented free-pressure rollers for extended forming dwell time and avoiding plungers overheating.

Upgrades capable of achieving Pharma Standards


Flexible solution to achieve seamless, small shapes

Less 'scrap' than chain-forming

Easy to open


Cooling tunnels are used after the forming process to drop the mass/product temperature and stabilize its shape.

Cooling Tunnels

Executive can provide a variety of cooling solutions depending on the application. All are equipped with either connection to chillers or direct expansion. Tunnels are all designed for sanitary, food grade processes, and all have been designed for best shape retention to avoid product deformation.


Available from 300 to 1800 Kg/h in different models and configurations depending on space available


3 to 5 tiers with different length to fit all needs

All belts are independently powered and adjustable

Each belt is fitted with stainless steel scrap collecting trays for easy cleaning

All tunnels are completely fitted with insulation panels for energy saving, improved performances and noise reduction

Forced air curtain for chip removal

Optional CIP


Easy to clean

Provide best shape retention

Quick product 'shelling'

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