Nuts & Seeds Processing

Nut & Seed Processing Equipment

KOCOTEK is highly specialized in the Log5 nut and seed processing systems with particular emphasis on pasteurization, nut roasting, as well as grinding and refining systems for the production of nut and seed butters and spreads. An additional unique area of expertise are systems that make ultrafine, low fat, high protein peanut (and tree nut!) powders and ‘cold pressed’ nut and seed oils. These ‘prime pressed’ nut powders are rapidly becoming very popular, as they are very soluble, very high in proteins, low in fat and have a spectacular flavor!

Industry Endorsements

Nut & Seed Pasteurization

Nuts and seeds are processed in an agricultural environment where infestations are inevitable and cross contamination of pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella can put consumers at risk.  Pasteurization is necessary (and in certain cases mandatory) to protect the consumer and prevent (nationwide) outbreaks and product recalls.  Because nuts and seeds are widely used raw or dry roasted it is important that a defined and validated pasteurization step is incorporated in a production line. Log5 supplies turnkey (non chemical, organic) pasteurization solutions for any nut or seed. The Log5 pasteurization systems comply with the strictest USDA and FDA requirements while maintaining important product qualities such as flavor, nutrition and appearance. The Log5 pasteurization process is so gentle that sunflower seeds still sprout after a validated kill step.

AwCP (water Activity Controlled Pasteurization)

The Log5 pasteurization system integrates three continuous steps (all at atmospheric pressure) to effectively reduce pathogen levels while preserving the original characteristics of the product, they are: Conditioning (pre-heating), Pasteurization, and Cooling. During conditioning the product is fed into the top of the pasteurizer and is gently transported back down using a series of louvres while warm air flows upward (in counter flow to the product) from the bottom of the system. The pre-heated product is then continuously treated in a separate controlled environment. Since the conditioning step process prevents excessive moisture uptake, only the water activity level near the surface of the nuts increases during treatment. Pathogens can therefore be inactivated with a 5-log reduction at very modest temperatures while maintaining their original organoleptic properties (note that lower and higher log reductions are possible too). After the product has undergone pasteurization, it can either go directly to a nut roaster or is cooled to maintain the original product quality and characteristics. Similar to the condition/pre-heating, the product is cooled with counter-flow technology, as it passes from the top layer to the bottom while cold air is blown in the opposite direction from the bottom of the system.

Capacity – (Range caused by density of the product and if a 4 or 5 log reduction is required)

Pasteurizer Typelb / hr
AwCP N Pilot Range110 - 260
AwCP 10 N2,200 - 4,800
AwCP 23 N4,800 - 11,000
AwCP 35 N11,000 - 16,500


No steam in contact with the product, nothing gets wet!

Continuous system, very modest temperatures

Very gentle mixing ensures even treatment of all nuts and seeds

Very energy efficient, no combustion air in contact with the product

Low maintenance, few moving parts


Validated & TERP approved for a 5 Log reduction

Maintains original product qualities, such as flavor, nutrition, appearance, crunch

No product drying required, nothing gets wet

No scuffing or skin peal, extremely gentle to the product

Able to handle smaller and larger nuts, also small pieces and combinations of smaller and larger pieces!

'Counterflow' Nut Roasting Equipment

The Log5 ‘Counterflow’ nut roasting technology was originally developed in the late 70’s by German Company, Lehmann. Lehmann was later acquired by the Royal Duyvis Wiener group and today the nut processing technologies fall under their ‘Log5’ brand. The premise of the original Lehmann counterflow nut roaster is quite simple and straightforward: it is a vertical nut roaster where the product is transported from the top to the bottom and the roasting air flows in ‘counter current’ to the product, from the bottom to the top. The Log5 Counterflow nut roaster works exceptionally well on both blanched and red skin peanuts as well as on all tree nuts, including almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, and others.


Continous Nut Roaster – Type ‘KR’

The ‘KR’ type Log5 nut roaster from the Royal Duyvis Wiener group can be used for the continuous roasting of peanuts and tree nuts. The unique ‘counter flow’ nut roasting technique ensures that the heating curve is very gentle and even and that the product is gently mixed throughout the nut roasting process. The Log5 nut roaster can be validated for a 5 log reduction as a ‘stand alone’ nut roaster OR can be combined with our Log5 nut pasteurizer so that the nut roaster is independent from the ‘defined kill step’. From peanut roasting to seed roasting, the Log5 nut roaster is the most versatile and efficient roster in the industry.

Every tree nut is unique and has its own specific roasting requirements, as well as, every production line. Our nut roasting equipment is capable of suiting all nut roasting needs, so please contact our team for more information.


Roaster Typelb / hr
KRC - S51,100 - 2,200
KRC - S72,200 - 3,000
KRE - S63,000 - 4,600
KRE - S84,600 - 6,400
KRE - S126,400 - 8,800

Nut Roaster Features:

Counter flow nut roasting process with very gentle heating (no heat stress!)

Very gentle mixing throughout the nut roast process ensuring an even roast

No 'over roast' ensuring for optimum control over flavor development of nuts & seeds

Automatic product 'hold' if product temperature has not reached required set point (critical if roaster incorporates the validation)

Nut Roaster Benefits

Dramatic reduction of fire risk

No combustion air in contact with the product

No recirculation of the roasting air

Very energy efficient

Extremely low operational and maintenance costs

Space efficient, small foot print

Nut Grinding and Nut Refining

Pre-Grinder (with Optional Ball Mill)

After roasting we grind the nuts to a coarse or fine butter with one or multiple grinding steps. In the first grinding stage we grind the whole nuts into a coarse butter using the Nibrotom pre-grinder. Depending on capacity and the fineness of the butter we will further refine the product in one or two ball mills (either vertical or horizontal)


Optional Ball Mill Typekg / hr
Nibrotom 600300 - 500
Nibrotom 2000500 - 1,700
Nibrotom 35001,700 - 3,800


Extremely durable high capacity equipment

No use of sharp knives or blades in the grinding and refining process (nothing has to be sharpened!)

Excellent product temperature control - even ability to cool the product during the second and third grinding step

Automatics oil addition available

Small foot print & energy efficient


No introduction of 'air bubbles' during grinding, no need for a vacuum/cool step

Excellent temperature control, product can be discharged at modest temperatures

System can product extremely fine butters at 20 microns or less

Tight particle size distribution, excellent for especially creamy nut butters

Nut Protein Powders

The nut pastes is cold pressed for the production of ultra fine, high protein and low fat nut powders.

Nut Paste Press

The high protein, ultra fine, low fat nut protein powders are made from nut butters in a 2 step process. The first step is a hydraulic ‘cold’ nut butter press where most of the oil is squeezed out of the paste. The second step takes the solids (usually referred to as ‘cake’) from the press and mills it to an ultra fine powder in our classifier mill.


Press TypeCapacities [kg / hr] – low-fat cakeCapacities [kg / hr] – high fat cake
4560/7300 - 500500 - 1,200
4560/18500 - 1,4501,000 - 2,850
4560/201,000 - 1,5501,500 - 3,100
6080/181,250 - 3,0003,000 - 5,000


Hydraulic 'cold' press - no frictional heat during processing

Cake is milled in our unique classifier mill, ensuring ultra fine powders

Very durable, low maintenance equipment

Ability to press any nut and seed, from almonds and hazelnuts to peanuts and sesame seeds


Excellent flavor

Ultra fine powder, excellent solubility, free flowing

Consistent & controlled 'rest fat' levels in the powder

Control over color of the powder, from light to 'dark roast' flavor & color

By naturally removing most of the oil the resulting powder is extremely high in protein, very soluble and maintains excellent nut flavor.

Nut Spreads

Nut spreads and butters are produced using Log5’s CHOC system.

CHOC Nut Butter & Nut Spread Systems

Depending on the ingredients and the required capacity the nut spread (and/or nut butter) production systems are either ‘all in one’ systems or multi step- systems staring with ingredient mixing followed by one or more continuous refining steps. We offer small/medium size systems with manual dry ingredient feeding or large industrial plants that can be fitted with automatic dosing and mixing systems for the continuous production of high quality nut spreads (from pre-ground nuts to sugar, milk powder, cocoa powders and if required ‘minor’ ingredients such as stabilizers, salt and lecithin).


CHOC TypeLiquid Mixer TypeCapacities [kg / hr]
150 (batch)Wiecon 5050 - 150
300 (batch)MXL-1000100 - 300
425 (batch)MXL-1000300 - 425
600 (batch)MXL-1000425 - 600
1250 (continuous)Wiecomix 350600 - 1,250
1800 (continuous)Wiecomix 5001,250 - 1,800


Exact ingredient handling control and efficient ingredient mixing for continuous homogenous production

Excellent product temperature control, no excessive heat, product will remain cool

Extremely durable, very little maintenance (there are no knives to sharpen!)

Our ingenious refining systems avoid aerating the product (no need for vacuum, de-aeration!)

Complete systems available, from pre-grinding through intermediate and fine grinding


Ability to produce extremely fine nut butters and nut spreads with a tight particle size distribution at 20 (metric) microns or less!

Excellent product temperature control - ability to work with very temperature sensitive ingredients such as sugar replacers, milk powders and stabilizers

Works with crystal sugar or powdered sugar, (coarse crystal sugar preferred!)

Very uniform grind, for smooth products

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