Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators transporting chips through production line

Reliable Conveying for Bulk Materials

From sensitive foods and ingredients to chemicals or building materials, WIESE bucket elevator conveying technology offers top-notch, custom solutions for transporting bulk materials. Your products are guaranteed efficient and material-sparing transportation.

Rubber Chain Technology

The WIESE Rubber Chain is the fundamental core of all WIESE Continuous and Pendulum bucket conveyors. Non-stretching rubber surrounds the vulcanized steel cables, ensuring high tensile strength while eliminating metal abrasion and the need for lubrication. From food-grade to conductive rubber, the custom rubber chains come in a variety of qualities to fit any need the application requires. 

WIESE Rubber Chain

Wiese rubber chain used for bucket elevators in food production and manufacturing lines

The WIESE rubber chain runs without links and is vibration-free, producing particularly low-noise (under 65 dBA). The slip-free running of the WIESE rubber chain ensures virtually maintenance-free operation.

The WIESE rubber chain is available in any length as a continuous loop or put together with link connectors. 

WIESE’s quality assurance is carried out at their in-house specially built laboratory and testing area. We also make every effort to consistently ensure the development and improvement of rubber qualities.

Available in any length


Vulcanized steel cables ensure high tensile strength

Various rubber types available including food-grade and conductive

Available as either an endless chain, or with master-link

Rubber is largely chemically resistant, and holds up well against harsh, abrasive products


Maintenance Free

No lubrication required

Typical lifespan of 10+ years, depending on application

No stretching, and no re-tensioning of the rubber chain is required throughout the entire lifespan

Pendulum Bucket Elevators

Suspended between corrosion-resistant and lubricant-free rubber chains, the pendulum buckets can be individually tipped or rotated without affecting neighboring buckets. While in the horizontal sector and/or the product handover point, the buckets create a self-contained, seamless conveyor belt. Bucket conveyors can also be equipped with Clean-In-Place (CIP) cleaning stations for automatic cleaning with either water or compressed air.

WIESE Pendulum Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators conveying and transporting pretzels through a food production line

WIESE’s pendulum bucket elevator is the most versatile option available and uses free-swinging buckets to allow for gentle handling, and easy, tool-free removal of buckets for cleaning. This option is especially suitable for products that require gentle and hygienic transportation.
Various layout options are also possible and include z-, c-, t-, and o- shapes.


Up to 45 m3/h


Rubber Chain

Sanitary Design with CIP Availability

Multiple discharges possible

Overlapping Buckets

Modular design


Low Maintenance & Low Wear

Easy to Clean

No Lubrication

Gentle handling without product loss

Easy installation & modification

Continuous Bucket Elevators

Continuous bucket conveyors are fully enclosed, seamless conveyor belts. Neighboring buckets are connected to each other by a flexible rubber “connecting flap” that provide a gap free connection through positive-locking, guaranteeing minimal product loss. Bulk materials can be transported both horizontally and vertically without any handover points.

All individual parts can be replaced, such as buckets or the connecting flaps, allowing for a high degree of system availability. 

WIESE Continuous Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators interlocking through a food production line

WIESE’s continuous bucket conveyor uses interlocking buckets to provide improved stability, thus resulting in higher belt speed capabilities for high capacity operations. The continuous belt is long-lasting, requires less maintenance, and is particularly suitable for abrasive goods such as cement, sugar, mortar, ceramics and flint stone, as well as delicate goods such as cereals, pet food, roasted peanuts and coffee. Several layout options available including Z-, C-, Horizontal, and Cascade layout shapes.


Up to 100 m3/h


Rubber Chain

Dust-tight enclosures available

Multiple infeeds possible

Interlocking Buckets

Modular design


Low Maintenance

No Lubrication

Smaller Footprint than Pendulum Elevator

Higher running speeds possible

Easy installation & modification

Sanitary Bucket Elevator Design

Sanitary Bucket Elevators

For products that require the cleanest environments, WIESE has developed a sanitary pendulum bucket elevator. This model utilizes a tubular frame profile, so there are no horizontal surfaces or ‘dead-spots’ where dust and other debris can accumulate. All covers are removable via a two-way ‘key’, and buckets can be removed/installed without tools. Additional options such as CIP are also available.


26 cubic feet per minute (45 cubic meters/hr)


Tubular Frame Design

Choice of stainless steel or Lexan covers

Optional CIP available

All covers removable with 2-way key

Buckets removable without tools


No 'dead spots' or horizontal surfaces

With Lexan covers, inside of elevator is completely visible

Easy access to buckets for cleaning

Quick bucket changeover

Dust-Proof Bucket Elevator Design

Dust-Proof Bucket Elevators

For applications with especially dusty products and environments, WIESE has developed a dust-proof bucket elevator. This dust-tight housing construction ensures that products and dust remain inside the housing and do not escape into the environment around them. For systems at risk of dust explosions, WIESE continuous bucket and pendulum bucket conveyors are also available with ATEX certification.


26 cubic feet per minute (45 cubic meters/hr) for Pendulum Elevators; up to 59 cubic feet per minute (100 cubic meters/hr)


Dust-tight elevator housing

ATEX Available

Dust-tight drawers available

Optional outlets for dust extraction

Elevator can be filled/purged with inert gas


Dust is contained within elevator


Keeps hazardous materials from contaminating work areas

Minimizes product loss

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