Chewy Candy

Dosing, weighing, and mixing of raw materials/dissolving and pre-cooking

Executive’s automatic and dissolving system represents a flexible and economical solution suitable to comply with a wide range of production and installation needs. It is known for its modular structure which can be utilized in several models depending on how its application. With outputs ranging from 1000 to 3600 Kg/hour (possible to extend). The system can integrate into current processing lines or it can connect to our cooking plant (both batch and continuous) for hard boiled candies (with or without center filling), deposited candies, toffees, chew and any other type of confectionery items. Both the weighing system and the complete plant are completely automatic and are controlled with a PLC interface on a touch screen control panel. 

Cooking Systems

Executive’s cooking systems can be used for any type of toffee, caramel masses, or other chewable food products.

Executive Cooking Systems

Executive offers several configurations of raw material dosing and cooking equipment depending on your application. Whether starting from scratch or integrating into existing process lines, Executive designs flexible, economical solutions designed to achieve greater productivity and improved efficiency. Typical outputs range from 400 to 5,000 kg/h.


600 - 1,200 kg/h with twin-cooker configuration


SS AISI 304 construction

Powered stirrer and electro-pneumatic valve for unloading solution by gravity

Optional fat and milk preparation group

Optional CFA (colors - flavors - acids) Dosing Station with Static Mixer


Modular, Compact, and Hygienic

Quick and easy recipe changes

High Performance

Drum Cooling

Cooling drums are used to cool a chewy mass before it continues to downstream equipment. A cooker supplies chewy mass to the drum in either continuous or batch process. The drum creates a continuous thin film which is tempered and thereby delivered to downstream equipment at uniform and consistent conditions.

Cooling Drum

Executive’s batch-wise cooking system typically connects to a cooling and pulling system for a continuous production line. After cooking (with or without vacuum), the toffee/chewy candy batch is collected into the hopper of the cooling drum, and then is automatically transferred (in a film form) onto the cooling surface of the drum. At the end of the cooling drum, the rope is automatically conveyed on a belt moving towards the pulling stage. The discharging system automatically transfers the pulled mass onto a tempering belt which evenly stabilizes and crystalizes the mass.

The continuous cooling drum can process any kind of caramel, chewable and/or toffee mass.


2 sizes available: up to 700 Kg/h and up to 1200 Kg/h


Stainless steel drum with or without Teflon coating

Adjustable film thickness device

Built-in tempering unit

Drum lubrication unit

Scraping device


Suitable to handle any recipe for soft candy

Continuous Pulling & Stabilizing

Continuous Pulling Machine & Stabilization Belt

Executive’s continuous pulling machine is designed for mass aeration and crystallization. This patented system features automatic discharge via a screw system, which ensures that only crystalized mass exits the machine and continuous to the stabilization belt, which feeds downstream production.


2 sizes available: up to 700 Kg/h and up to 1200 Kg/h


Adjustable pulling/residence time

Adjustable mass quantity

Adjustable progressive pulling speed

Adjustable temperatures

PLC with process parameters control and storage On-board HMI

Built-in tempering unit


Easy to clean

Low Maintenance

Very safe to operate

Discharge screw ensures that only crystalized mass is discharged

Batch Roller

Executive’s pre-forming lines are able to be connected to cut  and wrap machines for toffee and chewy candy. Batch roller and rope sizing (typically connects to short stabilizing belt, if needed) is particularly used for producing toffee and milk-based soft products.

Batch Roller

The batch roller, in conjunction with a rope sizer, prepares a single batch of candy into a conical shape. This is mostly used in a cut and wrap line – as heat is applied, the batch roller rotates the mass continuously to form a conical shape, ready to be fed to downstream equipment.


Roller Type# of ConesBatch SizeRope Outfeed ØTemperature Control
MOD. 131-EXEC4120 kg40-85 mm4 Electrical Heaters
MOD. 179-EXEC6140 kg40-85 mm4 Electrical Heaters
MOD. 266-EXEC440 kg40-60 mm2 Electrical Heaters


Hygienic Design

Servo-Driven Speed Adjustment

Automatic re-adjustment of line speed and processing values

Powered conical rollers with programmable alternating rotation

Flow and loading control with powered lifting and lowering feature


Easy maintenance and cleaning

Easy recipe and parameter control

Capable of handling dual colors


An extruder/co-extruder and cooling tunnel is particularly used for producing chewy candy and any gelatin-based soft products.


The extrusion and cooling process can be used for low or high speed operations and is capable of handling multiple ropes simultaneously. It can handle single-, double-, or triple-color products with several possible patterns

The extrusion and cooling line is suitable to feed any type of cut & wrap machine at low and high production rates. This type of line can handle simultaneously multiple ropes in single, double or even three colors with several possible patterns configuration.


From 300kg/h up to more than 2,000 Kg/h


Easy die-head changeover and reconfiguration

Hydraulic system for opening of chamber and die-head

Accurate and independent temperature control of chamber and die head

Direct drive technology with independent motorization for screws and infeed rollers


Easy cleaning and maintenance

Capable of handling single, double, or triple colors

Die Forming

Executive’s specially developed configuration of the ALFA FORMING LINE will enable the end-user to produce perfectly formed and filled chewy/soft candies.

Rotary Former and Chain Former

Depending on finished product and texture, either a rotary or chain forming system is chosen in order to achieve the best cosmetic quality for the formed pieces. During forming, the machine receives rope from the upstream rope sizer and cuts it by compressing each piece inside a specially-designed forming chamber. This creates individual chews with a target shape and weight.


Roller TypeRope SpeedOutput
(Rotary Forming)
110 m/min700 kg/h
(Rotary Forming)
130 m/min1,200 kg/h
(Rotary Forming)
160 m/min1,600 kg/h
MOD. 256
(Rotary Forming)
30 m/min300 kg/h
(Chain Forming)
180 m/min1,800 kg/h
MOD. 242.03
(Chain Forming)
180 m/min1,800 kg/h


Servo-driven speed adjustment

Constant and self-readjustment of line speed and parameters

PLC Storage or recipes and operating parameters

Optional connection for filling pump

Optional die-head upgrades for powder filling


High efficiency, durability, and flexibility

Easy to clean

Low Maintenance

Reduced scrap rate

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