Hard Candy

Processing flow:

Dosing, weighing, and mixing raw materials/dissolving and pre-cooking

Batch-wise and/or continuous cooking with vacuum/tempering and mixing



Dosing, weighing, and mixing of raw materials/dissolving and pre-cooking

Executive’s automatic and dissolving system represents a flexible and economical solution suitable to provide a wide range of production and installation needs. It is known for its modular structure, which can be utilized in several models depending on the application, with capacities ranging from 1000 to 3600 Kg/hour. The system can be integrated into current processing lines or it can be connected to Executive’s cooking plant (both batch and continuous) for hard boiled candies (with or without center filling), deposited candies, toffees, chews and any other type of confectionery items. Both the weighing system and the complete plant are fully automatic and are controlled with a PLC interface on a touch screen control panel. The automatic weighing and dissolving group features a double process configuration. Available are heated weighing tanks for processing sugar-free solution and a processing system for standard solution.


Batch-wise and/or continuous cooking with vacuum/tempering and mixing

For the production of candies with high boiling temperatures, Executive offers a wide range of cooking systems which are available in a batch/ continuous configuration. Automatic cookers with a continuing batch-wise discharge are useful in the production of highly boiled masses and have a wide range sugar/glucose options that are available in different capacities:


Cooker Type
Output (kg / hr)
PREMIUM 800 – EXEC400 - 800
PREMIUM 1400 – EXEC400 - 1400


batch-wise cooking system, flavor mixers, kneading machines, and batch feeders facilitate a more automatic production that minimizes human physical intervention.

continuous cooking system, the complete process features a cooker with auto discharge, an inline mixer, and a tempering belt, controlled by a PLC / touch screen




Alfa & Flexy form rotary forming line

The Alfa forming line is very efficient in the production of perfectly formed, filled candies; filling percentage is 18 to 22 %.

Alfa junior line: for low and medium production speed. Rope running speed up to 70 mt/min
Alfa line: for medium-high production speeds. Rope running speed up to 130 mt/min
Flexy form rotary forming line: adv. rotary forming line. Rope running speed up to 150 mt/min



Extremely high production efficiencies

Stainless steel execution of all machinery

Low noise level

The complete line’s speed is synchronized and is available in both an electro-mechanical and fully electronic version


Easy and fast cleaning/sanitizing operations

Low maintenance requirements

Quick change-over of the die-sets

Reduced waste

Filling units and ancillary equipment

Executive offers filling units and ancillary equipment, filling pump for liquid, semi-liquid solutions, jams and creams, and powder filling pump (screw-type) with a special system for handling sugar-free powdered components.

Extrusion pump is able to handle very viscous masses such as gum, chew and nougat-based paste.

Rotary die-sets

Chain die-sets

Die-set cleaners

Sorting groups


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