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MC1 Series: Intermittent Motion Chocolate Wrappers

The intermittent motion wrapping machines are suitable for solid and filled chocolates with flat bottoms, symmetrical or non-symmetrical, molded, and enrobed such as: pralines, napolitains, bars, batons, nougats, chocolate enrober fruits, jelly, and marshmallows.

MC1 Wrapping Machine

Its unique electro-mechanical configuration makes it possible to combine different wrapping styles in one machine.

The wrapping style change over is easy and can be completed in very short time, there is no need for any adjustments thanks to precise fixed positions for all size parts.

The intermittent motion of the four-positions wrapping station and the continuous motion of the wrapping material unwinding system are synchronized by special paper grippers patented by M.C. Automations.

It is always possible to convert the MC1 to handle a new wrapping style by replacing the wrapping group, feeding system, and/or the discharge devices according to new production needs.


300 units/min

MC1 Chocolate Wrapping Style Combos

MC1S Double Twist & Foil Wrapping Machine

Exceptionally versatile machine for Double Twist and rolled aluminium foil wraps for chocolate.

Product feeding from vibrating hopper. Change over time for wrapping style with the same size product is less then 20 minutes (40 minutes when the product shape and dimension change).


320 / min

MC1S DT-F Chocolate Wrapping Styles


The smart combination of our well known diefold chocolate wrapper, MC1EWB, and wrap around cartoner, WRAP-S, finally allows to wrap and carton chocolate bars in one single line offering a very compact foot print.

The MC1EWB chocolate wrapper is a one step machine for the wrapping of chocolate bars with one or two wrapping materials. Bottom closure by heat-sealing station or hot melt glue. Evacuation of wrapped product on horizontal conveyor belt synchronized with the in-feed belt of cartoner.

The WRAP-S is the most simple and versatile wrap around cartoner for chocolates, capable of handling many different carton styles to accomplish the market demand.


300 / min

MC1EWB & WRAP-S Chocolate Wrapping Style Combos

MC2 Series: Multi-Style Chocolate Wrapping Machines

MC2 Flexible Chocolate Wrapping Machine

Modular intermittent motion Multi-style chocolate wrapping machine suitable for solid and filled chocolates with flat bottom, molded and enrobed in several chocolate wrapping styles such as: Double Twist wrapping, Bunch wrapping, Diefold wrapping, Egg Foiling, and Twist-on-top wrappoing.

The easy replacement of the folding group along with the servo drives and memorized set-up programs, make the change over of chocolate wrapping style and size parts quick and easy, with no need to access the internal mechanical parts.

The intermittent motion of the four-positions wrapping station and the continuous motion of the wrapping material unwinding system are synchronised by special paper grippers patented by M.C. Automations.


400 / min

MC2 Chocolate Wrapping Styles

MC2 DT – Diefold & Twist Chocolate Wrapping Machine

It is always possible to combine in one machine the wrapping of spheres and products with flat bottom. The vibrating hopper and the chicane are compatible and the production can be switched in few minutes.

MC2 Chocolate Wrapping Styles

OMNIA6: High Speed Multi-Style Chocolate Wrapper

Welcome to the model OMNIA6, the NEW GENERATION multistyle wrapping machine, fast and compact.

OMNIA6 Chocolate Wrapping Machine

Perfect for integrating into fully automated chocolate production lines, thanks to the configuration with in-line feeding and it’s reduced foot print.

Wrapping style change over can be carried out in less than 60 minutes; faster than any other wrapping machine running at such a speed.

Product size change overt can be done in 20 to 40 minutes. The OMNIA6 offers the flexibility that meets our customers needs to switch the production in real time.


400-600 units/min

OMNIA6 Chocolate Wrapping Styles

MC3 Series: Specific Wrapping Sytles

The MC3 is a series of wrappers dedicated to specific wrapping styles, and flexible for the number of products which are possible to handle. All MC3 machines are “user friendly” resulting from cantilever construction, at the same time the MC3 machines are very compact and easily accessible. As a result maintenance and cleaning are reduced to an absolute minimum. The wrapping style change over is easy and can be completed in very short time, there is no need for any adjustments thanks to precise fixed positions for all size parts.

MC3 B-C: Flat Bottom and Spherical Shapes

Specifically designed for foil wrapping of flat bottom and spherical products, optional application of top sticker and paper cup on bottom


250 units/min

MC3 B-C Chocolate Wrapping Styles

MC3 GW: Twist Wrapping

Chocolate twist wrapping for flat bottom products, eggs and spheres.

Foil is neatly twisted on the product top, and when flexible material is used, the top twist can be closed with a self-adhesive band.


200 units/min

MC3 GW Chocolate Wrapping Styles

MC3 SF DTB: Multistyle Wrapping

Flexible machine suitable for the wrapping of flat bottom and spherical products in several wrapping styles. The products are loaded by robotic system into the machine’s pocketed in-feed belt.


300 units/min

MC3 SF DT-B Chocolate Wrapping Styles

MC3 B-CB: Shaped Cardboard on Bottom

Foil wrapper for flat bottom products. A specific station is provided to glue a shaped cardboard on the bottom of the product.


200 units/min

MC3 B-CB Chocolate Wrapping Styles

MC3 SF: Hollow & Filled Spherical Wrapping

Foil wrapper for spherical products hollow and filled with optional application of tear tape for easy opening or stickers showing bar code or product information.


180-250 units/min

MC3 SF Chocolate Wrapping Styles

MC4TB: Chocolate Bar Wrapping

MC-4 TB: The High-Speed Wrapper for Chocolate Tablets and Bars

The MC-4TB is a two-step machine for chocolate tablet and bar wrapping. Aluminum wrapper is first applied using a heat seal on three sides, then an external wrap of either paper or cardboard is closed by hot melt adhesive.  

Continuous motion servo driven in-feed belts to assure gentle and accurate product handling for both plain products and for products with inclusions.

The revolutionary rotary wheel cycles the products through six working stations, performing a tight wrap with perfect foil heat sealing and flat bottom folds.

The MC4TB’s superior mechanical and electrical configuration make it today’s fastest “tablet and bar” wrapper available on the market with speed up to 220 products per minute for 100 gr. tablet.

True cantilever design for full access to each working station and machine layout with in-line product feeding and product discharge offer important system design advantages and floor space saving.


220 / min

MC-4TB Chocolate Wrapping Styles

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