Feeding Systems

Packaging Feeding Systems

KOCOTEK offers a range feeding systems. These feeding systems consist of several line phase feeders, in line layer collators, overhead product’s grouping systems, special feeders for wafer’s blocks, various cross feeders, and much more!

Buffering Systems

Gondola Buffers (TGB Series)

The TGB series are FIFO buffering systems based on the “paternoster” principle and suitable to perform a variety of tasks including extra long buffering capacity and steady equalizing of the accumulated products to the downstream equipment within a limited footprint by using air space.

In special applications, like stand up pouches handling systems, the TGB, suitably equipped, can also act as pasteurization tower and cooling proofer when heating and cooling processes are required (baby food flexible pouches, etc.).

U Shaped Buffers (USB Series)

The USB series are a trombone principle based buffering modules dealing effectively with downtime of the packaging legs for a set number of minutes thus avoiding any need for processing shut down.

Under standard operating conditions the products transit the USB unit towards downstream packaging.

Together with its main buffering function the USB is also quite effective in reducing the gaps between incoming product’s rows balancing the line in case of missing rows and therefore improving the overall performance of its packaging.


Rows Distribution System (CDS100)

The CDS100 is a modular flexible distribution system for high speed transfer of products coming from the processing in set rows by means of a launching pivoting ending dedicated belt.

The CDS100 is compatible to a wide range of automatic feeding and packaging solutions.

Rows Distribution System (CDS1000)

The CDS1000 is a modular flexible distribution system to gently transfer products coming from the processing in set rows by means of a pivoting dedicated cross transfer station.

The CDS1000 is compatible to a wide range of automatic feeding and packaging solutions. One of the main features of this system is the possibility to back feed the stored rows while in operation.

Although this system is normally set to evenly handle the incoming rows of product over its wrapping legs the concept of this distribution system allows it, in downtime conditions and within a limit, to handle the production over the residual operating wrapping legs, avoiding the rows of products to reach the buffering belt.

TSW Industries Feeding Systems

TSW Industries feeding systems range consists of several line phase feeders, in line layer collators, overhead product’s grouping systems, special feeders for wafer’s blocks, various cross feeders and much more.

Products Singulating Feeder (HSM SERIES)

The HSM Series singulating chicane modules are available in a variety of widths and lengths and the number of base and side belts can be changed to suit the specific application. The HSM modules are designed to accept the products either in regimented rows or randomly distributed on a delivery conveyor and to configure them into a single stream, narrow edge landing. The conveyors are fitted with belts scrapers with crumbs catch pans in stainless steel; the vertical belts are fitted onto articulated supports with accurate adjustments features lift able upright to easy cleaning operation.

Typical product sizes range between 30mm and 250mm in length with speeds up to 1200 products per minute. However, due to the flexibility of the design it may be possible to accommodate products and speeds outside these ranges.

In Line Phase Feeders (HIFEED Series)

The HIFEED Series is designed to interface to any flow wrapper with the product being presented in a narrow edge leading format from either row distribution systems, singulating feeders or buffering devices. It is designed to form a queue of products and then to time individual product into the infeed flights of the flow wrapper lug’s chain. It also controls the speed of the machines by monitoring the level of product presented to the wrapping leg.

Depending on the specific product to be fed and its incoming speed, the timing module can consist of multiple belts for less pressure accumulation or with vacuum applied to the underside of the final transfer belt ensuring that no slippage of the product occurs.

No Contact Phase Feeder (HI-SHUTTLE Series)

The HI-SHUTTLE Series is ideal for delicate, sticky or product-in- trays products where a no contact or minimal pressure queue is required prior to the phasing section in order to reduce potential damage to the product and minimize rejects.

The HI-SHUTTLE is a version of the HIFEED feeder and performs a similar function, which is to smoothly transfer product into the flow wrapping machine’s inline in-feed. This version is used where it is desirable to eliminate or reduce the risk of contact between the products to be wrapped. To achieve this the shuttle creates and controls a pressure less queue and balances the flow rate to the flow wrapping machine.

Angle Feeders (100FEED Series)

The 100FEED Series is a cost effective flow wrapper’s semi or automatic feeding solution for low-medium speed wrapping requirement of non-fragile products.

According to the application the angle intersecting the flow wrapper in-feed chain may vary from 90° to 110°.

The feeder consists a set of servo controlled belts delivering the products crosswise to the running sense of the wrapper lugs chain and it is controlled by the motion control processor and the MMI panel of any TSW flow wrappers. The product is presented to the first gap closing belt in a wide edge leading format.

The 100FEED then takes the product narrow edge leading and transfers it as an individual or as multiple products into the in-feed section of the flow wrapper. An overhead transfer option can be used to aid transfer of narrow products and to give flexibility when twin packs are required.

Products Turning Device (AR)

The AR is a specialty element in the HIFEED Series range. Since most of the time the products coming from a rows distribution systems are received on the feeding system crosswise to be subsequently wrapped lengthwise, there is the need to turn them prior to progress toward the timing module.

AR is a turning module operating at a high speed that gently and progressively turns the products in the right leading direction without any mechanical interference by means of the differential speed between two narrow parallel belts (pre-orienting step).

Final orientation as well as product’s flow exit position is then adjusted by a vertical belt fitted onto an articulated support in order to provide the finest possible positioning regulation.

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