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Professional Chocolate Molds

Cabrellon SRL, based in Italy, started as a small workshop in 1966 and become a global producer of industrial polycarbonate chocolate molds. Their chocolate molds can be produced for classical molding lines, one-shot, cold press/frozen cone, transfer sheet, double molds with retractile pins and/or magnets, skeleton molds, book molds for spinning machines, port molds frames, demolding plates and more.

Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds

Cabrellon’s catalog of professional manufacturing polycarbonate chocolate molds expands daily with new creations. Continuous research and experimentation are required to stay innovative and competitive with changing chocolate industry tends. From chocolate Easter Egg molds to stars and hammered hearts, Cabrellon’s ever expanding catalog has no limit.

Customized Professional Chocolate Molds

Step 1. Drawing of the Chocolate Mold Cavity

The initial step of custom chocolate mold development involves experienced designers, skilled in both design and software, transforming a clients ideas into reality. These capable and well qualified staff also explore potential issues that may arise with the product design and address them to ensure an exceptional final product.

Step 2. Prototyping the Chocolate Mold

After the design as been completed and approved, the prototyping process can begin. This is a very efficient and quick process that uses the same technology and materials for production molds, allowing our clients to essentially evaluate the final product before production.

Step 3. Realisation of the Matrix

Once the prototype has been approved, the final production can begin. Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the molding lines, technicians build the final matrix, using the best of CNC technologies.

FDA Certified Mold Materials

All of Cabrellon’s industrial polycarbonate chocolate molds are manufactured using the injection molding process, injecting molten, FDA certified, polycarbonate chocolate mold materials that vary based on the needs of the customer, into a carefully crafted mold. The most suitable materials are always proposed to our customers prior to development.

Bisphenol A (BpA) Free Materials

Cabrellon’s industrial polycarbonate chocolate molds ensure consumer safety and product quality by staying up to date on new and changing regulations. One of the latest legislative changes in many countries, requires BpA-Free materials in the food production process, which Cabrellon now offers.  Anti-shock polystyrene is also manufactured by Cabrellon, which is typically suggested in the realization of demolding plates.


FDA certified materials

BpA-Free materials

Popular Materials

Standard Polycarbonate chocolate molds

Anti-shock polystyrene

BpA-Free materials with similar properties to polycarbonate

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