Rotzinger Group

The ROTZINGER Group emerged from ROTZINGER AG in Kaiseraugst (Switzerland) and was created to federate the growing number of companies. Starting with conveying and buffering equipment, the Group now offers a complete portfolio from processing to packaging serving industries such as biscuit, chocolate, bakery, confectionery, pharmaceutical, and more. The scope includes physical elements to digital services allowing customers to control and manage entire processes from sensor to ERP and over multiple plants. Our main goal is to help our customers to reduce the unit cost of their products.

ROTZINGER Group belongs to Fourtec (a family of four friends, all in leading positions) and the minority stakeholder Syntegon (formerly SIG that later became a Bosch Packaging entity). The Group accounts for more than 300 employees worldwide.

In the ROTZINGER Group, we have fun doing business and enjoy the many customers who keep coming back to us with new projects!

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