Past Event: ProSweets Cologne 2022

Kocotek Partners to exhibit at ProSweets Cologne 2022

Many of Kocotek’s partners will be exhibiting at the upcoming ProSweets tradeshow from January 30 to February 2, 2022.

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Segments of ProSweets Cologne

ProSweets Cologne presents the entire spectrum of the sweets and snacks industry; from a wide array of ingredients, to innovative packaging machinery and materials, to optimized production technologies.

1. Production and Packaging Technologies

The technical progress is especially changing the packing and production technologies at a fast pace. Every year new options arise regarding how to link up the individual production steps with each other more efficiently, which in turn enables the creation of holistic, automated processes. The aim is to make the entire production process more simple, faster and better – in spite of the changing demands. Producing changed shapes, completely new products or continually up-to-date packing requires the appropriate technologies. ProSweets is exactly the right place for anyone, who wants to keep abreast of the developments. The product segment Production and Packing Technologies will demonstrate to you live on-site which machines you can implement to ensure that your production is future-oriented.

2. Packing and Packaging Materials

Folding cartons, boxes, bags or gift wrapping, almost every variation is conceivable as packing. Creativity is precisely what pays off regarding packing design. How can the goods be attractively packed? How can selling arguments and product information be depicted? What role does the haptic feel of the material play? And how can the design reflect the function? Exhibitors in the product segment Packing and Packaging Materials will answer all of these questions – and present their solutions live on-site!

3. Raw Materials and Ingredients

The product segment Raw Materials and Ingredients encompasses the entire spectrum of raw materials, additives and enzymes for the production of sweets and snacks.

4. Operating Equipment and Auxiliary Devices

The product segment Operating Equipment and Auxiliary Devices presents some of the most important elements of the production of snacks and sweets. Because nothing is possible today without hygiene technology, quality management, control technology or measuring devices!

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