VHM Machinery – Automated Box Logistics

Automated Box Logistics as a Forklift Alternative

VHM is unleashing a new revolution in automated box logistics. With shuttles, lifts, turntables, roller conveyors and transit conveyors, a forklift-free routing of the box can be tailor-made. This solution connects seamlessly with VHM’s existing machines for filling, emptying, turning, tilting and stacking. With this, VHM proves itself to be the appropriate partner in complete box logistics.

Box handling in itself is a critical link in the agri-food chain. A common bottleneck often turns out to be forklifts driving around needlessly with empty boxes. That takes time and space and adds nothing of value to the product. VHM looks beyond the forklift and examines the entire process together with the user. By creating a system with the modular VHM elements (shuttles, lifts, transfer tracks, etc.), the boxes are automatically transported after emptying to the end of the sorting or processing process, where they are filled by weight again. This way the forklift can be used again where it is really needed; lifting full boxes.

VHM makes machines and systems for box & big bag logistics worldwide. VHM is young and energetic with roots from the ‘potato headquarters’ of Noordoostpolder. As a specialist, VHM feels at home on any work floor where crates or big bags are used. Just like VHM itself, the recognizable orange machines are real team players and integrate effortlessly into every process of storage, transshipment, processing and packaging. Each solution is made from the same philosophy, namely that flexibility, mobility and scalability are indispensable for the modern entrepreneur. Companies that want to optimize their box handling will find a reliable specialist in VHM who fully masters the game.

Added value: more control, insight and continuity; less labor and less forklift movements

VHM Modular Systems

VHM Machinery’s simple to use and modular systems create an efficient and optimized box and bag handling environment. Thus, allowing for optimal forklift usage, reducing labor and bottlenecks.

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